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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : XJR-12

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Only a limited run of 100 kits per version will be produced. For those eager to obtain this kit please consider placing a preorder ahead of time.

About the XJR-12
The XJR-12 first debuted in 1990, sharing the same basic non-turbo v12 engine/carbon monocoque base as the XJR-9LM that performed with much success in 1988.
In the year of its debut, the XJR-12 proved well in the 24 hour Le Mans, having high reliability needed for Le Mans without taking away the competitiveness of the machine. While it raced in the 1991 Le Mans also, the machine did not fair too well against the main competitor – Mercedes Benz. Still the machine managed to take second, third and fourth places at various races.
Having reached the pinnacle evolution of the XJR-6 that debuted in 1985 under Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR), the XJR-12 retired to give way to a new generation of machine – the XJR-14.

Kit Details
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.

– 2 variations available: one based off the 1990 Le Mans winner design and one based off the 1991 Le Mans version featuring a different colouring scheme

– aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, engine shaft, muffler ends, wheel shaft and lock nut. Alumite treatment further done to lock nuts to give off red/blue colour.

– front and rear cowl can be removed/doors can be opened and closed allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.

– clear resin used for headlight lens, allowing for the mold to closely imitate those of the actual vehicle.

– pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.



K595●Ver.A : 1990 LM
Winner #3 M. Brundle / J. Nielsen / P. Cobb
2nd #2 J. Lammers / A. Wallace / F. Konrad
#1 A. Ferté / D. Leslie

– based on the the winner of the 1990 Le Mans
– various design changes different from the XJR-9LM faithfully replicated – new front/rear cowls, side panels, rear wing, engine exhaust, front/rear brake ducts, wheels etc.

K596●Ver.B : 1991 LM
2nd #35 D.Jones / R.Boesel / M.Ferte
3rd #34 B.Wollek / T.Fabi / K.Acheson
4th #33 D.Warwick / J.Nielsen / A.Wallace

– based on the make that raced in the 1991 Le Mans and secured 2nd/3rd and 4th place.
– features differently designed front cowl, rear wing stay, rear diffuser, rear duct etc. compared to Ver. A


K595 K596 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : XJR-12¥70000 (+Tax)
K595 In Stock
K596 In Stock