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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 312PB

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[About the Ferrari 312PB]
The Ferrari 312PB first debuted in 1971, featuring an aluminum monocoque bolted onto a steel frame, and equipped with a detuned version of the 180°V12 engine originally used on their 312B F1 machine.
Suffering from endurance issues in the 1971 season, the 312PB was upgraded on various fronts for the following year: increased engine output, separation of the gear box, strengthened chassis, separation of fuel tanks, and altered cowl shape to match low-profilization of the tyres. All these changes gave Ferrari a perfect winning record in 1972, except for Le Mans which the team did not enter that year.
In the following year of 1973 other upgrades were made to the car to make it competitive enough for Le Mans. However with the Ferrari racing team facing budget cuts from company owner Fiat, the team decided to focus solely on F1 from 1974 and on, making the 312PB the last endurance race car built by the Ferrari team.


[Kit Details]
- variations include 2 versions used in 1972, and the version used in 1973 Le Mans which featured various changes to the outward appearance/inner construction compared to the previous year.
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring white metal, resin, etching, metal turned parts, rubber tires, decals and various cords allowing for maximum representation of the original vehicle.
- aluminum turned parts used for wheel rim, muffler ends, damper, wheel shaft and lock nut.
- certain metal parts such as headlights have been further plated.
- front/rear cowl and bonnet can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion.
- pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires.
- fabric pattern decal included to replicate fabric seal commonly found in the racing machines in that era


K587 Ver.A : 1972
Rd.5 Monza 1000km #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 B.Redman / A.Merzario
Rd.6 Spa 1000km #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 B.Redman / A.Merzario
Rd.7 Targa Florio 1972 Rd.7 Targa Florio #3 A.Merzario / S.Munari
Rd.8 Nürburgring 1000km #1 J.Ickx / C.Regazzoni #2 B.Redman / A.Merzario #3 R.Peterson / T.Schenken
Rd.10 Austria 1000 km #1 J.Ickx / B.Redman #2 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #3 C.Pace / H.Marko #4 A.Merzario / S.Munari

– based on the championship winner of the 1972 endurance races, where J.Ickx/C.Regazzoni claimed first in Rd.5 Monza, and R.Peterson/T.Schenken (having started from pole position) claiming 3rd in the same race. A one-two finish was claimed at both Rd. 6 Spa and Rd.8 Nurburgring, and in Rd. 10 Austria the team’s four entries managed to claim all top 4 positions, showing off the unparalleled strength of the car.
- one variation based on car used by A.Merzario/S.Munari at Rd. 7 Targa Florio where the pair managed a pole to finish win.
- features low mounted rear wing set below dragless setting
- bumped spare tyre cover parts included for Targa Florio variation.


K588 Ver.B : 1972 Rd.11 Watkins Glen 6hours #85 M.Andretti / J.Ickx #86 R.Peterson / T.Schenken #87 B.Redman / A.Merzario

- based on the version that raced at the final race in 1972 at The 6 Hours of Watkins Glen, where despite the large gap (over 3 positions for 10 laps), both pairs M.Andretti/J.Ickx and R.Peterson/T.Schenken managed to claim a one-two finish to end the season.
- features different rear wing from version A where height settings were made to make the car more suitable for a high speed course run.


K589 Ver.C : 1973 Rd.8 LM 24hours #15 J.Ickx / B.Redman #16 A.Merzario / C.Pace #17 T.Schenken / C.Reutemann

- based on the version that raced at Le Mans in 1973 where A.Merzario/C.Pace won pole position, but only finished in 2nd, unable to catch up to the Matra who was only ahead by a short distance.
- features different interior/exterior specific to the 1973 model that was absent from the previous year (Ver. A/B). Driving lamps added to the nose section, semi-separate cockpit cowl etc. have been faithfully reproduced.



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