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1/43scale Multi-Material Kit : Rally 037

Now on sale [ February 2017 Released ]

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We present the latest addition to our 1/43 scale kit series, and the first rally car to be added to out 1/43 lineup – the 037 Rally.


Kit Details
– a full detailed, multi-material kit featuring aluminum plated wheels, photo etching, silk screen decals, white metal etc.
– design based off 1/12 scale kit altered with focus on preservation of detail
– front cowl, rear cowl and bonnet can be removed, allowing full view of the detailed interior after completion. Doors also designed as separate parts from main body.
– unique engine parts that differ between the years of 1983 and 1984 have also been faithfully reproduced
– pre-printed sponsor logos featured on tires made from rubber


K557●Ver.A : Martini Racing
1983 WRC Rd.1 Monte Carlo #1 Röhrl/Geistdorfer

Based on the first WRC race in 1983 that saw the 037 place first and second on the Monte Carlo stage. Comes with rear bumper and light pod on the front cowl.

K558●Ver.B : Martini Racing
1984 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse #5 Alén/Kivimaki
1984 WRC Rd.10 San Remo #4 Bettega/Perissinot

Based on the car that bought M.Alen to victory at 84 Tour de Corse, and A. Bettega a 2nd place finish at 84 San Remo. The rear bumper is removed, and the engine is the EVO.2 version which differs slighty in design compared to the 83 version.

K559●Ver.C : Jolly Club Totip
1983 WRC Rd.10 San Remo #18 Biasion/Siviero

Based on the Totip color version used by the Jolly Club Totip team. Make is based on EVO.1 version which includes rear bumper. Unique rear wheel used by the team is also included in this version.

K560●Ver.D : Jolly Club Totip
1984 WRC Rd.5 Tour de Corse #9 Biasion/Siviero

Based on the Jolly Club Totip entry in 1984 Tour de Corse where Biasion was able to snatch 2nd place after the main works team snatched first through Alen. Includes decals that varies slightly from ver C., and based off the rear bumper-less EVO.2 version.

K561●Ver.E : H.F.Grifone SRL
1984 WRC Rd.10 San Remo #11 Tabaton/Tedeschini

Based on the H.F.Grifone SRL team entry in 1984. who finished 4th at San Remo; EVO.2 model.



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