2017/12 13

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 126CK

Ver.C/D/E January 2018 : Ver.A/B Now on sale


2017 September.5 Notice :
Thank you for buying and loving MFH Kits.We feel deeply sorry about flaws had been found in this kit(Ver.A/B). Some of the decal included in the kit were found not perfectly manufactured.Please accept our apologies for such things happened.A replacement decal will be sent.Please kindly register in mail for the replacement.


●K529 Ver.A : 1981 Rd.6 Monaco GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi

●K530 Ver.B : 1981 Rd.12 Dutch GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve / #28 Didier Pironi

NEW!! ●K639 Ver.C :

NEW!! ●K640 Ver.D :

NEW!! ●K641 Ver.E : 1981 Rd.14 Canadian GP #27 Gilles Villeneuve

Release in January 2018
K529 K530 K639 K640 K641 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Ferrari 126CK¥64500 (+Tax)
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