2016/2 08

Clamping band

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A set of bands designed to imitate a real clamping band – used for tying down piping tubes and cords for model cars.
Easy to use – just soak in water and remove the band from the backing paper like a decal and it will be ready for use. Small “teeth” have been created into the band and the band will lock in place just by threading the tip through the hole and pulling on it lightly.
Each set comes in one of two colours (Black or White) and includes 30 bands, with 10 of each of the following three widths – 0.8mm/0.7mm/0.6mm. Designed to work with 1/12 scale models, but 0.6mm width bands can be used with 1/20 or 1/24 scale models as well.

・P1086 : Clamping band [White type]

・P1087 : Clamping band [Black type]

P1086 P1087 Clamping band¥1200 (+Tax)
P1086 In Stock
P1087 In Stock