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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : EAGLE Gurney-Weslake

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The one of the most important pieces of the American Motorsport history, “All American” F1 winner EAGLE Gurney-Weslake, will be available in 1/12 scale FullDetail kit from MFH.

In the year of 1964, D. Gurney set up the team “All American Racers” (AAR) for the development of domestic racing. 2 years later, he formed the team “Anglo-Americal Racers” to join the F1 fight.
The team machine “EAGLE” was named after the symbol of the country. The Eagle Gurney-Weslake (T1G), installed with a 3000cc Weslake V12 engine, won her first race at Spa in the year of 1967. Gurney made the symbolic winning history to the F1 society that was overwhelmed by the European countries.

■This kit is a multi-material kit made of white metal, resin, lathe-cutting metals, photo etch parts, vacuum-shaping PVC, rubber tyres, silk-screen printed decals, and various cords.

■This kit is based on the EAGLE Gurney-Weslake with the chassis number “AAR-104”. This car was the only one that used Titanium-magnesium alloy to lighten the body.

■Funnel mesh is already completed pressing and plating. The rear part of the muffler is made of stainless pipe with the real texture experience.

■The D. Gurney figure (driving style) is included. Together with goggles, vacuum-shaping PVC, and decals.

■The rubber tyres are already printed with the maker logo.

・K509 Ver.A : 1967 Rd.3 Dutch GP / Rd.4 Belgian GP
This version is based on the victory race at Belgian GP raced by D.Gurney.

・K510 Ver.B : 1967 Rd.5 French GP / Rd.6 British GP / Rd.7 German GP / Rd.9 Italian GP / Rd.10 U.S. GP / Rd.11 Mexican GP
This version is based on the late type in the 1967 season which small parts is different.

K509 K510 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : EAGLE Gurney-Weslake¥68000 (+Tax)
K509 In Stock
K510 In Stock