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1/20scale Hybrid Injection Kit Ferrari 312T4 [1979 Belgian GP]

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We are sorry to inform you that flaws in some photo etch parts had been found and we will send replacement parts to customers who have bought this kit. Please register using this form and the replacement will be sent in early April.
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■Another MFH mainstream kit is coming. The new kit containing white metal, photo etching sheets, and other metal parts, and for the first time with the new plastic injection parts, forming the new “Hybrid Injection Kit”.
[ Hybrid Injection Kit : 1/20scale Ferrari 312T4 ] will be on sale soon.

[ Ferrari 312T4 DATA ]
In 1978, to compete with the Lotus 79 with the advantage of the aerodynamics, the chief engineer of Ferrari thought that the team urged to have a new formula car with ground effect design.
However, in the year of 1979, the ground effect with Ferrari were not getting very well with the flat12 engine. At that time, Mauro Forghieri introduced the 312T4, with flat12 engine installed, as the first ground effect design from Ferrari.
The 312T4 debuted at the South African GP, Gilles Villeneuve won the GP and Jody Scheckter followed him with a 2nd position finish. This is the first time that a debuting car achieved 1-2 finish since Fangio/kling and drove the Mercedes W196 at 1954. The two drivers won 3 champions each with 312T4, in total 6 champions, the Ferrari Team won the constructor championship, and Jody Scheckter won the Driver Championship.
After 21 years, in the year 2000, the Ferrari Team won both constructor and driver championships again with Michael Schumacher, therefore the 312T4 1979 is one of the most important thing in the Ferrari history.

[ Kit Details ]

■This kit will have parts for Round 6 Belgian GP, which Scheckter won the champion, and also parts for Spanish/German/Austrian GP.

■The body cowl and other outer parts will be made of plastic, the main parts inside will be made of white metal.

■Monocoque parts is made of die-casting aluminium. Just brush it and you can have the feel of real metal.

■Funnels, exhaust end, and the wheels are made of aluminium alloy. The wheel rim and safety bolt are made of white metal, to be attached to the wheel, to provide the reality to the kit.

■The metal mesh for the funnels, the muffler spring, cords, pipes, seat belts, etc. will be included in the kit.

■The body cowl and the side pontoon are all removable, so that the internal parts such as the Ferrari flat12 engine can be seen. The body cowl is attached to the chassis by magnet so it can be removed easily.

■The side skirts, which is the key parts for the ground effect car, is movable by using photo etching parts.

■The wind shield is the vacuum parts and will be in transparent blue color.

*(The pictures below is based on TEST Shot ,the design and parts are subject to be changed without notice.)
*(Driver Figures are not included in the kit.)

IK001 1/20scale Hybrid Injection Kit Ferrari 312T4 [1979 Belgian GP]¥15000 (+Tax)
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