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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Cobra 427

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In the 1960s, the Cobra 427 was deployed to various circuits, and also famous as commercial sportscar. This American sportscar with such an unique character, was born from the fusion of the British-made chassis from the hands of C. Shelby and the American engine. The Cobra 427 kit is now available from MFH in 1/12 scale!

[About the Cobra 427]
C. Shelby, once a racing driver, proposed to design a new machine based on the custom reinforced chassis from the British car maker AC Ace, and the V8 Ford engine, then the AC Cobra was debuted in 1962.
The Cobra then raced in various races and also debuted as commercial sportscar “Cobra 289”. in 1985, the Cobra was even more evolved using a 7L V8 engine and named “Cobra 427”.
The Cobra 427 was based on numerous updates conducted to the Cobra 289, especially the widen of the nose opening and the body width, together with the massive improvements on the body design is also one of the characteristics of Cobra 427.
This 1/12 scale full detail kit is based on the Cobra 427.


[Kit Details]
■This is also a multi-material kit made of white metal, polyurethane, lathe-cutting metals, photo etch sheet, PVC vacuum window, rubber tyres, decal sheet, and various cords.

■The wheel rim, main light rim, front directional indicator rim, and the cockpit metre are made of lathe-cutting aluminium to present the real texture. Also the rear foot pins are also made of lathe-cutting aluminium.

■The processed white metal are as shine as the metal used in real cars.

■The front and rear bonnet, and the doors are movable. You can enjoy the internal composition after the kit has been completed.

■The headlight lens are made of clear resin using the glass-surfaced mold to provide the shiny surface.

■Both of the condition type for racing, and street type are available in three versions. For the street type will be including parts not exists in racing specification. Such as the front bumpers, the sun visors, and the cockpit panel is different from the race specification.


・K501 Ver.A : 1966 Daytona24h #93 Harold Keck / Oscar Koveleski /Ed Lowther
1965 SCAA #88 Harold Keck

This version based on H. Keck raced the metallic blue and white stripes colouring #88 in the American national race series SCAA, and the same model joined the Daytona 24 hour race car #93.
Car #88 installed with small window that was different from normal type, and the Daytona specification #93 installed fog lamps next to the main light.

・K502 Ver.B : 1966 Sebring12h #6 Bob Grossman / Ed Lowther
1965 ETCC Rd.8 St.Ursanne #73 Herbert Müller

This version is based on the Tricolour stripes colouring car #6 from the 1966 Sebring 12 hour race, and the red coloured car #73 driven by H.Müller in the ETCC Round 8 race.
Fog lamp was installed and for the #6 car will have different wheels from Ver. A. Both #6 and #73 will come with the cap in the right front of the body included.

・K503 Ver.C : 1960’s “COBRA Caravan” #98 / Street version
This version is based on the First “Cobra 427”, in which the body was still the 289 body but the engine and the chassis were using the 427 specification. It debut as the race machine in 1965, coloured in metallic blue and white stripes (Car # 98 and chassis number CSX3002).
After that the 427 together with other machines like the Daytona Coupe and GT40, joined the “COBRA CARAVAN” sponsored by Shelby American and the engine, tyres, and oil manufacturers. The Cobra 427 of this version mimic the first 427 (car #98) colouring.
This version can also be converted to the street model. The street model has different bumpers, sun visors installed, rectangular shaped mirrors, and the cockpit panel was differently placed. The mentioned parts are included in this version.

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