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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 917LH [1971]

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Continue to the 917LH 1970, the 917LH 1971 edition will be the next 1/12 scale full detail kit from MFH!

■In the year of 1969, the 917 series, the prototype racing car which was just developed for 10 months, in order to conform the FIA Group 4 regulations, 25 cars were produced and sold to get the homologation from FIA.
To fit with the long straight in the Sarthe circuit, the 917LH debuted with the extension to the rear overhang of 490mm. The machine was further being upgraded with a 4,907cc engine and a rear wing.

■This model is based on the 1971 Sarthe 24 hour race specification, Three versions are available including the No. 21 from Martini Racing, and No. 17 and 18 from the JW team. This kit will be fully detailed and in the 1/12 big scale.

■This is a multi-material kit. Of course the 4.9L engine, the cockpit, and other details like the suspensions will be made of white metal, other parts will be made of polyurethane, lathe-cutting metals, photo etch sheet, PVC vacuum-shaped windows, rubber tyres, silkscreen printed decal sheet, various pipes and cords are available. With the totally different design from formula machines, for you to feel the most advanced mechanics technologies in the ’70s.

■The rear cowl, and the both doors are movable. The front bonnet hatch are detachable, letting you to see the interior structures.

■The front and rear light lens are using the scaled mold from the real cars and using special high transparency resin to form the most realistic light lens. The tyre house is using FRP colouring half transparent resin.

K498 Ver.A ●1971 Sarthe 24hours race #21 V.Elford / G.Larrousse

K499 Ver.B ●1971 Sarthe 24hours race #17 J.Siffert / D.Bell

K500 Ver.C ●1971 Sarthe 24hours race #18 P.Rodoriguez / J.Oliver

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