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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Williams FW16

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The Williams FW16, last machine that driven by A. Senna on the circuit, are now available in 1/12 scale full detail kit from MFH.

The FW16 is the successor of the Champion machine FW15C in 1993, raced with the best driver A. Senna in the 1994 Grand Prix season.
The regulations banned the usage of all high-tech driver aids in this season. Patrick Head and Adrian Newey designed the FW16 with the focus on aerodynamics. The FW16 was created to be a machines hat makes people nervous, even Senna was feeling the pressure from it.
This FW16 kit is based on the specification from the starting of this season, and the last race of Senna, the San Marino GP, available in three versions in 1/12 scale.

■This is a multi-material kit make of whit metal, resin, lathe-cutting metals, photo etch sheet, rubber tyres, decals, and various cords.

■The rear cowl, front nose, front suspension cover are detachable, the interior parts can be seen after the kit is finished.

■The sponsor logos are already printed on the tyres.

K495●Ver.A : 1994 Rd.1 Brazilian GP #2 Ayrton Senna / #0 Damon Hill
This version is based on the starting round at Brazil, which the front and rear wing have three flaps.

K496●Ver.B : 1994 Rd.2 Pacific GP #2 Ayrton Senna / #0 Damon Hill
This version is based on the low-speed Pacific course specification which the machine was installed the front and rear wings with multiple flaps.

K497●Ver.C : 1994 Rd.3 San Marino GP #2 Ayrton Senna / #0 Damon Hill
This version is based on the San Marino GP high speed specification which the rear wing was installed with two flaps.

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