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1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/30 Ver.D / E [Limited model]

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The 917 series was debuted in the 1960s, and there was a Can-Am specialized version 917/10. This kit is based on the succeeding version, the 917/30.
This kit is in addition to the three existing version of our previous kit 1/24 scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/30, adding the Intersérie specification to the lineup.

K487 ●Ver.D : 1973 Interserie Hockenheim No.7 Vic Elford

K488 ●Ver.E : 1975 Interserie Hockenheim WINNER No.0 Herbert Müller

K487 K488 1/24scale Fulldetail Kit : 917/30 Ver.D / E [Limited model]¥29000 (+Tax)
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