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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : Williams FW11B

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2015.04.21 Photos of Photo etch sheet and decal sheet are uploaded.

2019.12.04 [Instructions for Decal] is uploaded.For customers please refer to this

デカールを貼る際の注意点 Instructions for Decal

uploaded image for the assembly instructions.


■This 1/12 scale model kit is based on the championship car of the year 1987, which represent the golden age of the ’80s F1 history, the Williams FW11B.

-This is a multi-material kit consists of lathe-cutting aluminium wheels, photo etch sheet, decal sheet, white metal, rubber and etc.

-This kit will have 2 versions: the Japanese GP specification, which N. Piquet won his first run in Suzuka; and the British GP specification, which the cars with Honda engine won the first four positions, and the FW11B won the first two.

-The Honda engine RA167E, with the supressing power to other teams, will be available in detail. The interior part such as the piston and the connecting rod, etc will be in separate parts.

-Different parts are available for the 2 drivers’ car like the steering and the roll cage.

-Side pontoon cowl, the rear cowl, and the front nose are attached by magnets, can be easily detached and the interior parts can be seen.

-The front and rear wings, front break duct are made of resin and moulded the carbon shape. Just paint it to reproduce the carbon surface.

-The kevlar patterned decal sheet is included to reproduce thecarbon texture of the interior side of monocoque and the side pontoon

-Maker logos are already painted on the rubber tyres and the seatbelts.

-The front and rear wheels, and the wheel nuts are already anodising processed, no need to be painted or further processed.


K472 – Ver.A : 1987 Rd.7 British GP #5 N.Mansell / #6 N.Piquet
This version is based on the British GP specification, which N. Mansell won in his home country, and the cars installed with Honda engines dominated the first four position.
The turbo duct was installed inside the side pontoon, and the flaps and angle of the rear wing was adapted for the high speed circuit.
Different sponsor marks of the two drivers are included in the decal sheet.

K473 – Ver.B : 1987 Rd.15 Japanese GP #5 N.Mansell / #6 N.Piquet
This version is based on the Japanese GP specification, which the rear wing contains 5 flaps, snorkel type turbo duct, and the colour of the “ICI” sponsor mark.


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