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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : BT46/46B

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[ Kit Details ]
– This full detailed kit is based on the BT46/46B F1 race car, which was driven by one of the greatest driver N. Lauda.

– This is also a multi material kit consists of resin, white metal, photo etch, silk-screen printed decals, rubber parts, lathe-cutting aluminium, various cords and pipes.

– The BT46B which had the unique structure, only raced in 1978 Swedish GP; right after the 46B, the hybrid specification in French GP which adopted the rear tyre side ceiling from 46B; and the normal BT46 which won the Italian GP will be available in different versions.

– The Fan Cover of the “Fan Car” raced in Swedish GP, will be presenting in lathe-cutting aluminium and photo etch sheet.

– You can choose to use 2 types of the brake discs and the front wheels parts.

– The body cowl and front nose are removable, you can see the internal structure like the monocoque after finished.

– The skirt below the under tray will be presenting in rubber parts just like the real one.

[ Variations ]
K461 – Ver.A : BT46B 1978 Rd.8 Swedish GP #1 N.Lauda / #2 J.Watson
This version is based of The “Fan Car” which raced in the 1978 Swedish GP, which Lauda won the race. The BT46B has large radiator above the engine, and the fan installed in the gear box end, and the almost sealed design of the cowl and the front nose, the rear wing, etc.

K462 – Ver.B : BT46 1978 Rd.9 French GP Practice #1 N.Lauda
Since the “Fan Car” was banned after the previous race, the team used the existing BT46 for the next race in France, but with modifications in the ceiling by using the designs from BT46B, to form a “hybrid” specification for this GP. The nose and the rear wing is from BT46, but the rear cowl is based on BT46B.

K463 – Ver.C : BT46 1978 Rd.14 Italian GP #1 N.Lauda / #2 J.Watson
The team got a 1-2 finish at the Italian GP by racing, even the authority forced them back to BT46. This version contains radiator-type front nose, the sharp angle design of the rear part of the head rest, snorkel-type rear brake duct. Also, different decals sheet will be included in this version, as the colouring of the car had been changed to blue stripes in contrast to the previous GPs.

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