2015/2 01

1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 250 GTO [1964]

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2015.01.16 Making of images are available!

There are mistakes on the original instruction manual. Please refer the revised version (which had been uploaded on this page) for your modelling work.

The latest lineup for the MFH 1/12 scale Full Detail Kit will be the famous 250GTO.

■The kit is based on the 1964 Sarthe 24-hour endurance race specification. The details between different cars will be presented in this big scale and fully detailed 1/12 scale kit, with three versions for your choice.

■The multi-material kit will be made of white metal, polyurethane, metallic alloys, photo etch sheets, vacuum parts, rubber tyres, silk-screen printed decals, cords and pipes, etc.
Some parts will be metallic plated to emphasize the metal shininess

■The window frames will be consists of rubber parts, metal parts and vacuum parts which the car window will be finished as detail as the real car.

K445 Ver.A ●1964 Sarthe 24hours race #25 Ireland/Maggs

K446 Ver.B ●1964 Sarthe 24hours race #26 Hugus/Rosinski

K447 Ver.C ●1964 Sarthe 24hours race #24 Beurlys/Bianchi #27 Tavano/Grossman

K445 K446 K447 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : 250 GTO [1964]¥88000 (+Tax)