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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : McLaren MP4/4 [Late Version]

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2014.03.26 エンジンテストショット及びCG画像をUPしました。

The McLaren MP4/4 Late Type with Honda engine, which helped A. Senna to won the 1988 F1 races champions, now in 1/12 scale kit in the year that A. Senna passed away 20 years.

■This kit is based on McLaren MP4/4 which both Honda engine and A. Senna played their one of the best season. This kit will be in 1/12 big scale, and it will be a fulldetailed kit.

■This kit will be based on the snorkel-less version after Belgian GP in 1988. You can reproduce the 14 specifications out of 16 GP stops together with our early type kit (sold separately).

■This is a multi-material kit which contains parts made of Resin, white metal, photo etch sheets, silk-screen printed decals, rubber parts, aluminium parts and cords, etc.

■The inside component and mechanism, start from the pistons, of the strongest engine at that moment, the Honda V6 turbo, will be reproduced in this kit.

■Wheel rims are made of aluminum and already black-painted. Other parts like the shift nob, wheel lock nuts, and the drive shaft are also made of aluminum.

■Various piping, tubes, mesh hose will be in different types of materials for the reality. Part of the connectors will be made of rubber.

■The front nose will be attached by magnets, the body cowl will be attached by using pins, and all two parts will be removable to interpret the interior composition.

■Carbon fibre patterened decal sheet is included for the monocoque.

■The turbo-related parts will also be included as this is one of the characteristics of the late type.

K427●Ver.E : 1988 Rd.9 German GP / Rd.11 Belgian GP/ Rd.12 Italian GP
#12 Ayrton Senna

 ・This version is based on German GP/Belgian GP and Italian GP which the rear wing for high-speed circuit is included.

K428●Ver.F : 1988 Rd.14 Spanish GP
#12 Ayrton Senna

 ・This version is based on Spanish GP which the flap rear wing for low-speed circuit is included.

K429●Ver.G : 1988 Rd.10 Hungarian GP / Rd.13 Portugal GP / Rd.15 Japanese GP
#12 Ayrton Senna

 ・This version is bassed on Hungrian GP, Portuguese GP, and Japanese GP which Senna won the Drivers’ Championship. The 2 pieces flap rear wing is included for the middle-speed circuits.

*(Kit is still under development and subject to change without notice)

■The piston inside the engine is movable:

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