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1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE79 [1979]

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2014.03.14 Photos of body cowl uploaded.

■The LOTUS79, which had a tremendous success in the 1978 race season, raced together with the new model LOTUS80 in the next season. The early type will be in 1/12 scale full detail kit from MFH.

■This kit is also a multi-material kit, the materials of the parts consist of resin, white metal, photo etch, silkscreen printed decal sheet, rubber parts, aluminium, cords, etc.

■The characteristics from the ’79 type are all available in this lkit, like the front wing, side pontoons, radiator, and rear cowl duct, etc.

■The cross-shaped front wheel disks and the wheel rim which is different from the ’78 model are included in this kit.

■The front and rear damper, engine air funnel, muffler end are made of aluminum.

K418 Ver.A ●1979 Rd.1 Argentine GP #1 Mario Andretti / #2 Carlos Reutemann
This version is based on the opening stop in 1979 season which Reutemann finished at 2nd position and Andretti finished at 5th position. The blue stripe with “MARTINI” marks on the side of the body.

K419 Ver.B ●1979 Rd.3 South African GP #1 Mario Andretti / #2 Carlos Reutemann
This version is based on the specification from South African GP. The front wing changed to more straight than in the opening stop. No blue stripes on the both sides of the body, and the side potoon with the “ESSEX” sponsor marks.

K418 K419 1/12scale Fulldetail Kit : LOTUS TYPE79 [1979]¥60000 (+Tax)
K418 Sold Out
K419 Sold Out