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1/12scale Multi-Material Kit : McLaren MP4-23

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2013.12.08 The photos of the exclusive paint for MP4-23, MFH Mirage Silver, are uploaded.

The machine that raced 2008 F1 season and helped the driver dramatically won the drivers’ champion in the last round, McLaren MP4-23, is coming in 1/12 large scale model later this year!

・The are dynamics parts, especially the wings, are updating in every round. For this kit, we prepared Monaco GP and Brazil GP versions for you to choose.
・To reproduce the texture of the suspension arm, the kit is coming with carbon fibre textured decal sheets.
・All four wheel rims are made of aluminum.
・Body is made of resin, and other parts are made of white metals and photo etch parts.
・We have put effort on reducing the parts but not the details, and making this proportion kit easier to assemble.

・Special water solvable silver color exclusive for MP4/23 will be on sale together when the kit is out!
・The MP4/23 silver colour set (MFH MIRROR SILVERx2 and MFH CLEARx2) will be on sale at the same time, the perfect match to your MP4-23 kit (Price \5,040[Tax incl.])


  • Water solvable. The solvent is compose of water and alcohol, is much more safer than those lacquer-based paints.
  • You can always apply to your kit directly, and no need to paint a black base colour before painting this plated-like shininess and beauty silver colour.
  • This colour can be directly sprayed, coating with clear lacquer is possible. Polishing is also possible.
  • This silver paint is touchable. The strength of the paint film is stronger than the ordinary metallic plated paints that would not be easily scratched. (Caution: The colour is still can be scratched if you rubbing it too hard)
  • The colour set will be containing the silver colour and the lacquer specified for this kit and will be available for customers who bought this kit as an option item.



  • Try to make the base as smooth as possible. We recommend to use sandpaper no. 1500 or sponge to do this. (Using compound will have polishing marks coming out and it is not recommended)
  • Use the included clear paint to paint the surface smoothly. You don’t need to water the paint down, just apply it directly. Because the paint will not be solved again once dried, pay attention not to spray too much and leaving wet marks or drips. The technique that spraying far away is strongly NOT recommended because the outcome is no good. Leave it dry without heating for 24 hours.
  • Next to spray the silver colour above the surface finished 24 hours ago. Same as the clear one, you don’t need to dilute the paint. Spray with extra care because the surface will become dull if you over sprayed. Leave it dry without heating for 24 hours. You may see the surface is coarse right after you sprayed, however, the brightness will be coming out after 5 minutes.
  • Below you can choose from the two options for finishing:
    • 1) Without clear coating
      • Directly applying the decals to the silver surface as finishing. Do not use softer because it will erode the paint.
      • The plated-like finishing will be at the best presenting condition.
      • Pay attention to the decal after finishing because there is no protection to them.
    • 2) With clear coating
      • Directly applying the decals to the silver surface, then using the clear paint in the set for coating.
      • After the clear print completely dried, the print will form a hard surface of paint film and can be polished. No sink marks will be coming out.
      • Although the clear coating can protect the decals, the shine of the silver will be degraded.

*In the sample image below, the body is finished without coating and the nose is finished with coating.

MFH recommends to use method 1 (without clear coating) because it can reflect the unique shiny plated silver of MP4/23.


  • Use coarse sandpaper at first and gradually the no. 1500 or sponge for smoothing the surface in the first step. DO NOT use compound because polishing marks will be leaving on the surface.
  • Both silver and clear paints are ready for spraying, DO NOT dilute the paint.
  • Although the paint film is strong at certain level, please DO NOT rub and scratch the surface with strength. The colour will be rubbed off.
  • DO NOT heat the both colours after spraying. It will make the surface coarse.
  • DO NOT use the technique that spray multiple times at far position for the clear paint. Beware not to overspray, and leaving drips and marks on the surface and spray at one time.
  • DO NOT use softer when applying the decals over the silver paint because it will erode the paint.

●K407 Ver.A : 2008 Rd.6 Monaco GP #22 L.Hamilton / #23 H.Kovalainen

This version is based on Monaco GP, the GP race that L.Hamilton won after the season start.

●K408 Ver.B : 2008 Rd.18 Brazilian GP #22 L.Hamilton / #23 H.Kovalainen

This version is based on the Brazilian GP, which L.Hamilton raced with F. Massa (Ferrari) and Hamilton won the year drivers’ champion with just 1 point more than Massa.

K407 K408 1/12scale Multi-Material Kit : McLaren MP4-23¥47000 (+Tax)
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