Ordering Guide

■ Introduction

This is the Internet shop selling fully detailed automobile model kits, developed and produced by Model Factory Hiro. This website uses JavaScript. Please make sure your browser is JavaScript compatible and JavaScript enabled.

■ How to make orders Please check “Model List (Model一覧)”, “Detail Up Parts (デティールアップパーツ)”, “Sportscar Spectacles by HIRO” and “JOE HONDA Racing Pictorial Series” for the product details. To order, please click on the “MAIL Order Form” button at the top of the pages, a mail order form will be displayed.

Fill in your name, postal address, email address, telephone number at the corresponding spaces in the form, and also the kit number, the name of the kit and the quantity you want to buy in the email “body” column. Please make sure you have entered the correct kit number and correct quantity for the kit you want to buy, and click the “Send” button to send the order email.The email will be sent to our office for processing.

At the same time, an order confirmation email will be sent to the email address you have entered in the mail order form. If you want to clear the contents in the mail order form, click the “Reset” button.


* Please make sure you have entered the email address correctly, otherwise we cannot process the order because we cannot contact you through the wrong email address. 

Alternatively, you may order by telephone and fax.

  • You can make your orders by dialing +81 3 5851 2522 to our staff directly during office hours (09:00 to 19:00 JST).
  • If you want to order by fax, please fill in your name, telephone number, shipping and billing address and also the order contents to the fax sheet, and fax your order to +81 3 5851 2524.

(International call fees may apply. Please contact your service provider for details.)

■ Online Shop Orders


Customers who are using the online shop please also refer to the Online Shop User Guide for references. 

■ Order Confirmation

Please be noticed that the email order will be sent immediately after you have clicked the “Send” button in the “MAIL Order Form”. It is recommended to double check the contents in the form before clicking the “Send” button.

If you have chosen to pay by Paypal or Credit Card, please also type in the mail body, we will contact you for the payment details.

If you see the page displaying “メール送信完了”, that means the order has been sent to us and the order cannot be cancelled.The order confirmation email should be sent to your email address within one business day. You will also be informed by email when the shipping is on hold because of out of stock or other situation.

If you cannot receive the order confirmation email, please contact Model Factory Hiro by telephone (+81 3 5851 2522) or email (cus@modelfactoryhiro.com) for details.

■ About Sales Tax

All price listings are excluding the sales tax.

■ Payment Method For Customers within Japan:

You can choose the following payment method:

  • Takkyubin Collect (Cash on Delivery)
  • Paypal
  • Credit Card
  • Bank Transfer

If your order valued over 10,000 yen, the shipping and service charges will be waived. Please mark the payment method you want to use in the Email Order FORM. Please be noticed that you will also receive emails from Paypal when you have chosen to pay by Paypal.

For Customers outside Japan:

You can choose to pay by the following ways:

  • Paypal (Recommended)
  • Credit Cards

Please be noticed that you will also receive emails from Paypal when you have chosen to pay by Paypal.

■ Shipping and handling charges

Orders shipping within Japan: For Yamato Transport (a.k.a. the “Kuroneko” or “Black Cat”, within Japan), the shipping fee will be as follows: Takkyubin Collect (Cash on delivery service): For the first 10,000yen of purchase, there will be 324 yen (tax included) service charge for COD service.

For Japan Post Small Packet (YuuPack) service (within Japan), the shipping fee will be as follows:

Region Amount (yen)
Kanto 360
Tohoku, Shinetsu, Hokuriku, Tokai 410
Kinki 500
Chugoku, Shikoku 700
Hokkaido 900
Kyushu, Okinawa 950

If your order is valued over 10000 yen, the shipping and handling fees will be waived. (*For customers within Japan only)

Orders shipping outside Japan:We ship your orders through the following ways:

  • Japan Post Air Mail will be used for light and thin items (e.g. Decal, Etching)
  • Japan Post Small Packet services through EMS or SAL (Economy Air Mail) will be used for model kits and JOE HONDA Racing Pictorial Series books.

* SAL (Economic Air Mail) is cheaper than ordinary Air Mail and it only takes a little bit longer time to deliver. It is much more faster than surface mail. SAL only available to selected countries. Please refer to Japan Post for more details.

Shipping tracking: Tracking number is available for orders sending through EMS and SAL (Economic Air Mail). You may track your orders through Japan Post’s website: http://tracking.post.japanpost.jp/service/jsp/refi/DP311-00100.jsp?locale=en

Click the “Item No Search” button of “International Mail” to start items tracking.

■ Return, Exchange and Dead on Arrival (DOA)

You can only return or exchange the products when:

  • Inferior product;
  • Incorrect product shipped;
  • Damages caused by shipping process; and
  • Dead on Arrival (DOA)

Please contact us by telephone (+81 3 5851 2522) or email (cus@modelfactoryhiro.com) within one week after you have received the products for assistance. You can start send the product back to the below address after our staff replied and confirmed for product return or exchange.

〒121-0063 Model Factory Hiro 2-3-8 Higashi Hokima, Adachi-ku Tokyo Japan

Please mark (Product Return) at the packing for easier processing. Please be noticed that we are not responsible for any loss caused by labour strike, accidents and other reasons caused by third parties, weather conditions and natural disasters, and other conditions that cannot be controlled.

■ Additional order for decals and other broken parts

Please feel free to send us an email for additional orders of decals and broken parts other than the above situation.(see “Return, Exchange and Dead on Arrival (DOA)”).

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